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 Meet Arianna

"Is all about embracing the simplicity of healthy living".

My Story


  • I always had a passion for skincare, health and wellness. Growing up my mom showed me the importance of taking care of my skin and body. During my childhood I kept myself very active and ultimately found that healthy eating can reflect on our skin. Pairing my passion for skincare, nutrition and personal training and my desire to impact others, sparked my desire to become a Licensed Esthetician, Certified Nutrition Health Coach and soon to become a Personal Trainer & Glutes Specialist. My mission is to go back to the basics by embracing the simplicity of a balanced lifestyle. The core of my vision at Aries Beauty & Wellness is to Rejuvenate and Restore authentic wellness. True authentic wellness is to embrace healthy, natural habits that develop into a permanent lifestyle.

  • Aries Beauty & Wellness focuses on you, the patient and client. My focus is to provide a variety of services under one roof that can address skincare concerns, Coaching, nutrition and personal training. You will receive my expertise and care focused on your overall health and wellnessClients at Aries Beauty & Wellness also have access to a full range of aesthetic treatments. I specialize in anti-aging services, including chemical peels, skin tightening treatments, Laser Hair removal, Micro-needling, PRP-micro-needling, customized facial for all skin types, and Body Sculpting treatments to help clients achieve their aesthetic goals without surgery. In addition, Aries beauty & Wellness is proud to offer a range of skincare products such as Image, ABI and Botanical Science. Connect with me! Feel free to visit my contact page with questions regarding skincare and coaching and follow-on Instagram and Facebook!